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another disgusting veggie meal

Delta is trying really hard to keep me on the weight watchers diet--there couldn't have been more than 200 calories total. I guess my vow to stop the twix diet won't end tonight. This meal from ATL-SEA, 8/24 was the worst ever. Supposed to have--yet again--a dairy vegetarian meal, but it was nothing more than a meager serving of rice and a turnip, red-pepper, and golden raisin curry, with green salad and a couple of pieces of fruit. No protein whatsoever. Oddly enought, they offered a vegetarian pasta as a regular choice--that has never happened. Not being one to complain to the FA's, I accepted the meal I had specially ordered. It's a good thing I get to Seattle in time to get a proper meal. When will they ever get it right? Or, more to the point, when will I give up and eat before I leave?
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