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Originally Posted by We Will Never Forget View Post
I hate to say it, but if the screener was claiming it was for all passengers, you've justified the argument. You have said "Why BOS and not all airports", which inevitably translates to "why me and not everyone else?". Rather than having that conversation with a hundred passengers, they probably thought it was more efficient to do it that way. I don't always fault screeners for trying to avoid the whole "WTMD debate" scenario. I've been behind plenty of people in line who claim "this doesn't ring" while watching the metal detector go off. This is inevitably followed by the "it didn't go off in XXX" conversation. I really don't care where it did or didn't go off, shut up and get through the mag so I can get my stocking feet of this nasty floor.
IN other words, it's not done because of any security benefit, it's done for administrative convenience.

Originally Posted by SATTSO View Post
Uh, what i said is NOT a theory, it's fact. If you go though the WBI, belt off, if you opt-out, belt off. It does not matter which airport; it applies to every airport with a WBI.
And exactly what security benefit is provided by taking a belt off for an opt-out? None. Ergo, it is done as a retaliatory measure.
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