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Originally Posted by tgtg View Post
Based on experience, and now through confirmation it seems that DL has Vegetarian and Non-Dairy Vegetarian backwards in their systems.

All their meal examples for Vegetarian do not seem to contain any dairy products. However, their example for Non-Dairy Breakfast is a Cheese Omelet (both egg and cheese) and the Non-Dairy Dinner example includes cheese.

Based on actual experience, when selecting Non-Dairy you get diary and when selecting Vegetarian you do not get dairy. This has been consistent for some time now.

Don't know when it will change, but for now it seems that DL has it backwards in their system.

Bon appetit!

This has been a bit of a hot item for me, especially with DL. I've always pre-selected the veggie meal for my flights. DL in the past three of my Int. flights have served me some sort of half breed chicken dish that I wouldn't give to my cat or dog. I'll give the fa's respect because they will always give me something else and are usually overly sympathetic to my issue. However even when I'm served the proper veggie meal, it's been brutal, with the last two dishes being some sort of rice and bean concoction that tastes more like cardboard then food.

I've always enjoyed the veggie meal as the meals are usually perfectly suited for long distance travel in that they are usually loaded with lots of energy restoring nutrients. You're also served first on the plane and that's a plus for me as I hate having all of the dinner clutter around me and when normal meals are served I'm usually done and just hand my tray over when the pax next to me is served.

FWIW, the last meal I had on DL was a vegan meal... thought I'd try my luck and it was rather decent. I do miss the DL veggie curry dish, it's actually not bad, good amount of spice and flavor to it and it even came with a warm nan bread. Lately though the DL meals upfront or in the back have been a serious let down.
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