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Okay, I'll fess up. I once left my power cord at home and discovered it when I unpacked in the room. Rookie error and I was just crushed. Now I don't know what your power cords look like, but mine looks exactly like the power cord for a desktop computer. I asked the front office if they had a spare laying about as most offices I've been in it seems there is a whole box of them. After several hours of looking they didn't find a single cord. Crushed and devastated that the trip had been ruined by my stupidity I went back to the room to pack. A lightening bolt of inspiration hit me and I checked the power cord on the small digital TV in the room and lo and behold it was a perfect match. Crisis averted. Needless to say I now leave an extra power cord in the bag at all times.

I have also had to sleep with my feet pointing toward the headboard. I am not allowed to use my machine on any kind of power strip or extension cord, so I am always having to make accomodations for that.
Sorry, I wasn't making any judgment about people who forget to take their CPAP chord with them. This couple raised this issue 4 times over the course if 4 different meetings. It just irritated me.
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