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How does Hyatt calculate points?

Yes, I read the FAQ and the T&C of the GP program. Point-eligible charges should include

- room rate
- food/drinks

but not taxes.

Last weekend I stayed at a Hyatt and earned 478 "base" points. At 5 pts per $ that's $96.50.

The only way I can get to that amount is if they gave me points for room rate + state + local taxes, but they excluded dinner/beverage, gratuity and tax for dinner. Dinner + Beverage (itemized on folio) > state/local taxes.

Second case: another Hyatt stay a week earlier at a different property. Two nights at $140 each, i.e., $280 for room + tax. Should give me 1400 points, but only 1370 points posted. And what about the $16 for food/bev?

So my point is: how does Hyatt (or the individual properties) actually calculate the points? I'd expect this to be fully automated based on some sort of "code" on each line item type. Does that mean this particular property is miscalculating points each and every time? And is this common among Hyatts, i.e., do I now need to go back through my last 10 or so stays and do all the math myself? (I generally look only for ballpark correctness and the bonuses that I expect).

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