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Originally Posted by Alsacienne View Post
I second the need for an extension cord, as many European hotels have their sockets, kettle (what's that do I hear you ask?) and TV on the wall opposite the bed! And take an adapter, or better one with more than one outlet socket so you can charge your mobile phone at the same time.
I have seen that too. I was able to manage sleeping wioth my feet poiting towards the headboard. Now, if you forget your power chord, nothong can help you. I can't believe a person asking a speaker about it in an OSA support group meeting.
"My husband and I went on a cruise and forgot to take the power chord. How should we handle a situation like that?"
I thought ti myself, ask the steward, and if does not oblige, go over his head to the Captain, ask for an extension chord and then strangle yourself until you can sleep without a CPAP.

I know, my thoughts were harsh. But how do you help someone like that.
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