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Question Income questions?

Up until recently, every card application I completed asked for household income. I'm self-employed while Mr. Bergy Bits has the steady job. Recently we each applied on line for an NCL credit card from BoA and for the first time the application asked for household income but broken down by who earned what as well as what was interest income. This resulted in automatic on line approval for him & a phone contact for me during which I was asked a ton more questions including family net worth & other information I really didn't care to answer (and I really wasn't prepared to answer so I kept scribbling notes to myself). This was after the recent credit card rule changes but as it was also our first BoA experience, I didn't know if this additional scrutiny was a BoA thing, or something that all applicants were going to have to do each & every time now.

Can those of you who applied by phone provide any information about what type of questions were asked in regard to income? I really didn't like being blindsided, but I'm very psyched about this offer & want to take advantage of it, while being prepared in advance for questions. Thanks very much!
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