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aman has now blocked the ability to look at the old pages...

from my post i can only gather this - during tsunami discount @ amanpuri > 2BR from $900 and/or 3BR from $1350.

Originally Posted by paul2 View Post
Thanks Kage, I need to stick to the day job!!!
ive learned from failing @ copy/paste many times. also used to having websites/browsers/etc break links.

found some financial numbers for amanresorts:
2009 - "down 20%"
march 2008 > march 2009 revenue $1.2B net $365MM
march 2007 > march 2008 revenue $1.3B ebitda $793MM net $568MM
march 2006 > march 2007 revenue $315MM ebitda $218MM net $90MM
2000 - revenue $61MM ebitda $30MM (ebitda per room = $75K, vs $4K for FS)
1999 - revenue $50MM editda $15MM

(29% > 44% margins )

and another interesting article
Harald and Waltra Jrgensen, a retired German couple, proudly call themselves junkies. Each year for the past nine, they have come to Amanpuri and stayed for ten weeks.
they should have bought a villa

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