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I had a very cooperative CSR tonight trying to figure out a way home for me from TPE on 9 October. Only reasonable alternative was an EVA codeshare that I could not upgrade.

As I was actually flying back to TPE from SIN to take AA150, I ended up going SIN to KIX to take AA158 to DFW and then home to PBI. After much discussion and persuasive work by the CSR, the powers that be waived the normal 100 mile limit on the alternate airport proximity and allowed the same fare that I had to be valid from KIX. As this is an AA metal flight I also could upgrade to BC.

I have to give a lot of credit to this CSR as he really went to bat for me to redo my entire itinerary and keep all the upgrades. I originally had MIA-SEA-JFK-TPE-SJC-DFW-PBI and now am going FLL-DFW-SJC-TPE//KIX-DFW-PBI.
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