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In my opion. The pilots are overpaid babies. They know the airline is going to cave into their demands. The airline can't just bring in new pilots to fly the planes. The airline would bring in new FA's if they threatend to strike as often as the pilots do. If things are not going their way, then they get "sick", and force flights to be canceled. You do remember what happened a few years ago.

Companies merging as one is a fact of life. It sound like what tha AA pilots want is for all of the TWA piolts to be put behind all the AA pilots in the senority of things. Why don't they just add say 5 years (or someother number) to the AA pilots "senority status", then merge the TWA piolts in at their regular level. That would mean a TWA pilot with 20 years would be the same senority level as an AA pilot with only 15 years (15 + 5).

Just my opinion!!
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