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Originally Posted by Sparrow_Hawk View Post
I've found Power Tripping F/A's in far greater numbers at other carriers that I give less business to.

Not saying US doesn't have them because they do. The question here for me is what should a customer do in a situation like this?

I think confrontation is likey out as you're not in a position to win short term.

Cheerful is often effective. Nothing like a "Good Morning Ma'am" to "Welcome to another day in paradise" usualy seems to work as it's very very difficult for someone to be nasty to someone so cheerful. In this case however it seemed to make little difference. For the OP I think it was just "His Turn" to feel the wrath of a disgrintled airline employee.

Giving the offending F/A an earful upon deplaning will only convince her that she was right and you're a jerk.

I'd likely apologize for any "misunderstanding" along with lots of empathy about what a tough job it is just long enough to get a look at her ID so I can get an accurate name. Then, time permiting I'd write an accurate narrative of the events and off that narrative would go via e-mail and snail mail to Hector Adler, VP of InFlight and anyone else I thought might want to know and if it were me I'd include the VP of Labor Relations just to stir the pot with the AFA. In fact I might even mail the President of the AFA with my story.

IMO you don't waste precious time and energy arguing or mouthing off in these situations. You just calmly gather the information needed to make your point with US Airways management and see what happens. There is no excuse for rude, however there is a measure of accountability you can extract when you encounter it. Last "dust up" I had over rude behavior landed me a nice fat voucher AND I never asked for a dime.
I wouldn't give the OP so much hope for compensation. Most pax (including myself) are getting zilch, nada, nothing! Leave US - and if you have to stay *A, go to UA (don't know what a better option is right now).
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