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I just want to share a similar experience. Booked 3 nights with an Ibis Hotel. There was the usual full prize rate and a no cancellation/no refund rate to chose from on the accor page. I chose the latter, but later that day found an even 20% cheaper price somewhere else (also standard room, no refund, no cancellation). So, I did all the application procedure to make use of the best price guarantee (the form for that is imho terribly hard to find on the page, considering all those big ads advertising the bpg!). Of course, my application was turned down, according to them I had booked a Happy20 package (when you book it, it is just called Happy20 without the 'package') and the bpg does not apply to packages (although from what I can see from my booking documents, the other rate had exactly the same conditions). So appearently, when you book some reduced rate, it is very unlikely that you'll have a chance to get bpg. I then searched the web and found not a single person, to report of a successful application for the bpg. Each time (also for full prize rates) their appeal is just turned down, claiming that the cheaper prize from a non-accor page is of a different rate. What annoys me the most here, is that there is no easy way a customer can tell whether his rate actually applies for bpg, as all information is hidden in the small print (on pages you find after following several links) and accor just turnes down your application without any explaination. This brings me to the conclusion that the whole bgp with 10% price minus is just a big customer scam to get people to book directly on the accor site. This is certainly not the way to get loyal customers. What's your opinion and experiences? if anybody was ever lucky with bpg please share that with the forum.
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