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Originally Posted by swintec View Post
Over the course of the thread, many have said the mint should ditch the dollar bill and force the coins into circulation that way....Why don't you do this in your shop? Keep your dollar bill slot empty and give the coins out, when they ask for a dollar you can simply say you dont have any OR the bank gave you these when you went in for change the other day. You could even say these are the new dollar bills, with a smile.
Are you suggesting he alienates his customers and risks losing business in this economy to force those who dont want to take coins as change?

You must have never run a small business that is heavily centered with customer satisfaction. Hint: there is no exclusivity for car wash business.

What a brilliant idea of yours!

Oh and YES, customers can refuse to take your $2 bills as change and simply say, "If you dont have the denomination I want, can you VOID the transaction?"

What would you do? Tell the customer to take a hike?

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