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Originally Posted by AlohaDaveKennedy View Post
Indeed the fraud prevention staff and management are all over the Direct Ship program now thanks to "he who shall not be named" and "those who boast about violating mint policies."
According to the mint, internal accounting showed an odd pattern of purchases. Letters were sent. THEN, the mint checked FT and FW to confirm the evidence they had accumulated and already acted upon. (In the meantime, thousands were helped by this thread). FOI request showed no evidence of congressional complaint from Voldemort, his claims remain unsubstantiated.

The program became limited due to the diligence of the Mint, not to any complaints or any evidence of large orders.

The upshot is, in order to 'buy presidential dollar coins with CC @ face value, free shipping' you (now) need to buy in quantities that are suggested by the mint, or have a valid reason for exceeding those limits.
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