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The definitive "How to maximise the LH F experience" thread!

As we have had a lot of threads about the LH First experience I have tried to highlight a couple of "must do's" in order to maximise the experience:

- Make sure to spend at least 6 hours at the FCT – 10 hours is better!

- Hop around lounges preferably visiting the FCL A then FCL B and finally the FCT

- Complain to the staff that no transfers via limo are available for lounge hopping

- Take a bath at the FCT and demand at least 6 rubber duckies for all your friends and family

- Make sure to let the FCT staff know that you paid over €1.000 (to US Airways Dividend Miles) to fly LH
First and that you expect only the best in service

- Insist on being driven to the plane in a Mercedes or Porsche and outright refuse a mini van

- Reinforce this by throwing a hissy fit at the passport / immigration desk

- Ask the PAs at the FCT what all of these HON passengers are doing at the FCT when you spent over €1.000 to fly LH F. It should be more exclusive.

- Insist on being driven to the plane alone and not with any other guest on the same flight

- Insist on an apron position as far away as possible from the FCT to maximise the time spent in the limo (V096 apron is pretty good – close to the A5 motorway)

- Insist on the airplane being moved to an apron position (away from a gate) so that the limo ride can be maximised

- Complain in-flight that the First seat is a disgrace and should be retired to a museum

- Make sure to ask for a comment card so that you can inform LH about the small IFE screen in their First cabin and the lack of choice in film programming on the AVOD system

- Highlight the fact to the purser that you prefer to fly SQ Suites instead, however strangely they did not accept US Airways Dividend Miles or BMI miles as form of payment?

- Ask the LH purser to explain why SQ did not make a seat available for US Air, BMI or LH M&M newspaper subsciption customers?

- Complain about the farmed caviar served in F and the sub-standard spirits selection

- Complain about the Champagne served onboard. If you prefer Dom ask for Krug and vice versa. Shake your head in disbelief when tasting the first sip.

- Make sure that your routing includes the following segments: FRA-ZRH-MUC-FRA-(insert final destination)

- Insist on FCL access at all of these destinations incl. apron pickup based on the fact that your LH First ticket cost more than €1.000 !

- Sell the Rimowa amenity kit on eBay

- Try to snatch as many amenity kits as possible

- Complain about the Van Laack PJs handed out, especially that the trousers are nylon

If you stick to all of these points I am sure you will have maximised the First experience!

I hope our fellow M&M forum members can add points I have missed to maximise the F experience ?
...I am sure there are many more ...

Happy landings!

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