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I didn't know about Don Quijote before this thread but will check it out next fall. Is it behind the mall by Walmart?
If you know where that Walmart is, then here is how to get to Don Quijote. If you stand with your back to Walmart and looking towards the Ala Moana Center, you will see Walgreens across the street to the left (it is a new Walgreens, it wasn't there before). There is a small (two-lane) road that is parallel to Kapiolani Blvd, walk up there (general direction Waikiki). Keep walking to the intersection where there is First Hawaiian Bank on your right, and Don Quijote is on your left. From Walmart, it is five minutes maximum of walking. It would be best to simply ask for directions, most people would know here it is. If you are coming from the Hilton Village, then Don Quijote would be actually a bit closer than Walmart or Foodland. Please note though that there are so many taxies by Foodland at the Ala Moana Center. As for Don Quijote, I have seen taxies there, but few, since it is mostly local people shopping. But you can access the situation once there. There is actually a bus stop by the Ala Moana Center a very short block away from Don Quijote. At that stop, one can catch 8, 19, and 20 going to Waikiki.

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