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Originally Posted by FlyinHawaiian
I had the pleasure of meeting ua1flyer on a SFO-LAX flight in August of 2008; he noticed the FlyerTalk tag on my backpack and asked me a bit about the site and what it was about.
It is true. It was your FT hat I noticed,and that got me started with FT, however UA_Flyer has been a great FT friend and I appreciate all the work he has done to make FT more fun.

Originally Posted by nmenaker
I have a real hard time wrapping my head around the viability of this at all. Not just because it means more than 2K miles a DAY, but having worked nearly a decade in the auto industry at the highest levels, I don't recall any person either IN the enterprise or consulting from outside who was ever needed or VALUABLE that often in that many different places.

ops, QA, marketing, SALES even, none of this ever required anywhere near this much input on a daily basis, AND we and other majors were very clear NOT to utilize outsiders who were currently working with other participants in the INDUSTRY, let alone other manufacturers.

Even the guys who were setting up remote locations for manufacturing and assembly, weren't going back and forth or here and there anywhere NEAR this often on a weekly basis. And THIS was a decade ago, when we didn't have such global internet, communciations, video conferencing, etc. I just don't get/see it.

I honestly think some of this has to be DEQM for this YEAR or previous years (we HAVE had DEQM for at least the past three years) AND it could also mean maybe miles added?
About the miles. This year I will have flown just a little less than 700k, and yes that is BIS. With all this DEQM, my Total EQM will end up just shy of 1.5 million. As far as what I do, Ido sales and managment training. Where cars are sold is where I have the ability to work. Ifell in love with Australia and it's people about 25+ years ago and have trained there regularly since. I also vacation quite regularly. The woman I am involved with and I have taken at least 50 honeymoons in places all over the world. Life is to short. A while back I decide to work to live and not live to work. As I have mentioned previously, I have 2 sons, one in high school and the other works and travels with me alot. He will become a million miler next month. P.S. I don't know who YOU work for , but if you work in the Auto industry, maybe you could use my help.

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