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Originally Posted by JetSet78 View Post
Is there any other real incentive to apply for PP now (considering TravelBank offer)? Also, it's my understanding the card is branded as a rather "exclusive" for "highly qualified" folks. Credit wise, I'm good, but doubt I'm "highly qualified" - anyone with additional insight here?
It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has actually received the $150 TravelBank bonus, if there is anyone.

Don't sweat your FICO score if it's just pretty good (750+). Mine is 810, last I looked. Even with a score under 750, Chase would probably qualify you because of the annual fee. It might crimp your limit; that's all. Nevertheless, you should not let the prospect of denial keep you from applying for the card, if it is a savings on what you would spend anyway for PC membership. And don't forget the $150 TravelBank bonus...assuming that's real. Yes, a credit check may ding your score, but you can have two or three checks a year suffering little if any effect. I do. And if your FICO is so bad you don't get approved, then the credit check ding won't matter too much to your already-bad score. So, I think your decision is clear.
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