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Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
One doesn't have to remain in the cubicle. I asked last night if one can leave and come back. So if I had an 8+ hour stay at ATL it would be nice to be able to lock up my stuff and not have to juggle a tray of food while pulling my rollaboard behind me. To do that with a SkyClub one must leave their stuff out in the open (in the SC) and hope no one pilfers your stuff. You can nap, work, watch some T.V., etc. But the price is cost prohibitive for me.

I can't help wonder why airline lounges haven't provided this kind of privacy. Sure, most have private meeting rooms, but I know of none that give one a cubicle-type room for sleeping etc. If the added cost were that of the Minute Suites I, again, would find it cost prohibitive.
Regarding leaving your stuff out in the open in the SC.... while I usually have spent my time in either WCs or Presidents Clubs for the last few years (I have little experience in the DL CRCs comparatively)....

Many of the SCs that were former WCs have lockers that you can ditch your stuff in for as long as the club is open! Just ask for a locker with the entry personnel. No reason to worry about leaving your bag sitting by a chair.... Isn't this available in DL former CRSs????
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