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Thanks for your question.

I think you bring up a very interesting point that I had not considered prior. I must admit that i am unfamiliar with the specific issue that you brought up, but i am going to go look into it and try to understand why the decision was made.

As for a US bias, I personnally would never consiously allow a geographical bias (e.g. American) sway a decision that is before the Talkboard. What i can say, and i have lived abroad, is that i try to understand how others view an issue. I try my best to understand another culture so that i can enjoy my experience in their land. So i can truthfully say i would not consider where the particular issue comes from in determining what the correct outcome should be. What i would do is consider the issue within the context that it came from. For example, if the issue was not global in nature (i.e only relevant to a subset of the world) i would look at the issue in the terms of the relevant part of the world affected by the issue. From there, i would try to understand what drives the issue in the region and then consider the impact of the options on members from that region. Only then can i make an informed decision.

So to sum up, i would try my best not to have a geographical bias play into my decisions. If i am elected to the talkboard and a member believes that i have made a decision that is based on a US bias, i will gladly speak with that member and explain why i made the decision that i made.
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