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Originally Posted by Cloudship View Post
I've got an upcoming trip that is going to involve a number of flights and connections. Since it will be a weeks trip, I need a little more than my normal wheeled carry on. I have a Targus laptop case that i normally bring, but also have access to a wheeled laptop case that would be perfect. My question is - will this count as a personal item or a carry on? I am flying Delta btw. I believe it will fit under the seat, but I am concerned that because it has wheels and a handle it would get counted as a carry-on instead.

For that matter, what are the maximum dimensions of a person item?
According to American Airlines (

Carry-on baggage allowance:

Carry-on: 45 inches/114 cm
Personal item: 36 inches/96 cm

"They weigh no more than 40 lbs/18 kgs

The bag is no more than 45 inches and the personal item is no more than 36 inches when you add the length + width + height so that it fits in an overhead bin or under the seat"

They also say:

"Keep in mind

At some airports, carry-on baggage may be more restricted.

Additional limits may be placed on carry-on bags because of aircraft stowage capacity.

Limits may be imposed after the boarding process has begun.

Carry-on roller board bags, duffle bags, large backpacks, or other personal items that don't fit in the overhead bins or under the seat must be checked at the gate and placed in the cargo compartment on American Eagle planes.

Horizontal rolling garment bags must not exceed a total of 45 inches. A bag that is 22" long by 24" high by 10.5" wide for a total of 56.5 inches would be too big therefore would not be allowed."

I love the wheeled laptop backpack I bought yesterday but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it for my trips (involving airplane travel), because now I have 1 wheeled carry-on + 1 wheeled backpack. Some wheeled backpacks you can hide the wheels, they look more like a regular backpack this way. I still love my new wheeled backpack, I carry laptop and other electronics that cause shoulder pain.
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