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Coins vs rolls; proof in the photos

Ok, I went back to the bank today for another deposit and took some more pictures for you. I normally process the coins by opening them to $4500 per box, but I had scheduled an appointment at the bank to make a large cash deposit and they opened the bank a half an hour early for me.

This time I processed the coins to $4000 per large shipping box for simplicity in counting. They had the fed bags pre filled out and we just broke down the boxes into four stacks of 8 trays so that 2 stacks equal $2000, as we were in a race against the clock. The armoured truck was due at 10 am with a cash delivery and we wanted to get this shipment out with the truck so it would not have to overnight at the branch. The vault's coin drawer only holds $25k so any more would violate the terms of thier insurance policy (not properly locked up).

I took one of my employees to help, and the manager, operations manager, and new accounts manager helped. There were a total of 5 of us processing the coins. (sorry about the size, kinda large I know)

So here you can see how we stacked the trays for quick counting, and how the mint rolls are placed directly into the fed bags, proof that they do not have to be unrolled. I think that when the banks require the coins to be unrolled that it is just nonsence busy work designed to discourage us from coming in. You can also figure out that it is a Chase Bank uniform.

So when completed we had 35 fed bags filled in less than 22 minutes. I was all done before the armoured truck arrived and before the branch opened at 9AM. WOOHOO, (Oh I forgot, it's not WAMU anymore)

And in case some of you want to print out a photo to take to your whining branches and show them that yes indeed you do not have to unroll the coins, I have included a close up photo.

I do not recommend showing up at any bank with $70k in coin. This deposit alone weighed 1288 lb and I had a lot of difficulty just getting in the door. I am suprised the tile on the floor did not crack as we rolled in. This was an arranged deposit with a branch that I have a prior relationship.

When I got back to my office at 9:30 I had this waiting for me, UGH!:

UPS had delivered an addition $50K and the driver was totally pissed off. Even yelled at another of my staff. (he should be glad he has a job) You can see where the boxes got crushed when he threw them out of the back of his truck to the ground.

Stopped back later in the day to pick up my cart and they said that the armoured truck driver was not the usual guy and he didn't even flinch when he saw the load.

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