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Sticker upgrade after rebook into Y booking code

I have a domestic trip booked in N with 500 mile upgrades requested (as a gold). Shortly after I booked it, there was a schedule change, so I called and got booked on a slightly different flight. The phone agent put in the Y booking code instead of N. Will 500 mile upgrades be deducted for this upgrade if it clears?

The "500-mile Upgrades Required per Person" field in the reservation on aa.com says "2", although it said "0" for a day or two after the rebooking happened.

I ask because I probably won't want to use the stickers for this flight in the end, but I'll stay on the upgrade list if it costs nothing.

I booked the flight about a month ago, the schedule change happened a day or two after the booking, and the flight is in 6 weeks.
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