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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
Actually what gleff noted is true. There are DHS employees who are far more used to dealing with cargo than passengers but who are now dealing with passengers as their primary duty. They are not all yet used to it, just as gleff correctly noted.

So many of the front-line DHS employees aren't familiar with the relevant parts of the CFRs involving passengers and don't even fully grasp the "dumbed" down version reflected in the employee manuals. No wonder that there are those higher up who have to clean up more than ever before. A growing number of the supervisors and many higher-ups don't themselves even fully understand the reading material relevant to the situation of passengers. It's a growing problem.

This stands:

Better to rely upon lawyers.
Good point.

However, gleff makes it sound like an officer would be taken out of the cargo environment for one day to stamp passports. Very few ports of entry have rotations like that or would even consider it.

Also, on any given day you could have a brand new, straight out of the academy officer.
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