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Post Men traveling liquid free

I have my liquids trimmed down pretty neatly but a 311 bag is still needed. Not that it's a huge hassle because it takes about five seconds to pull it out and put it bag, but just for the sake of perfectionism how would you approach liquid free travel.

Deodorant - No problem. I use a crystal deo. Literally hard as rock.
Shaving - In reality I use shaving oil but could use soap.
Toothpaste - In reality I use ordinary paste but could use powder on the road.
Cologne - In reality I use samples or small bottles but could use dry colognes.
Shampoo - I use whatever the hotel has.
Moisturizer - see above but some places I go I need to bring my own. Is there dry moisturizer?
Hair Gel - A real problem. Anything suitable is at least waxy or pomade consistency. Hotels don't supply it. I use my own mix in a Gotoob.

So, dry hair gel and dry moisturizer (for after the shave) are the things that are holding me back. At the end it may come down to hair gel. While I don't have much hair left, the little there is looks even worse without some "restraining order" against it.
As far as the moisturizer is concerned, if I use the shave oil I don't need any. But the oil is a liquid. If I use the soap I do need it. And I kinda prefer to use my own.

How do you gents do it? Entirely liquid free? If so, how do you manage? Half'n'half? No concern because once you got a 311 you might as well make no compromise on the rest? Buy it there?

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