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Well we just got back today. We had a wonderful stay and thought it was a terrific resort.

Facilities were terrific, especially the pool areas.

Staff were outstanding, from front desk to housekeeping to restaurants.

We had a very large, corner suite, with spacious balcony, kitchen (Miele appliances!) and gas fireplace.

All in all, we can't wait to go back!

Our only "negative" was The Rock - which is their golf course - it has to be one of the most brutal tracks I've ever played. In fact, they actually had to close it at one point to redo six or seven hours, because even scratch golfers were complaining!

Again, the staff at the golf course were just terrific.

A couple observations though:

Although I used valet parking because of all our children's "stuff", I'd estimate the walk from the parking lot is more like 100 yards, not six hundred. And staff are happy to shuttle you back and forth.

There is also a ramp all the way down to the beach, so stairs aren't an issue. We took our (double) stroller up and down several times.

Finally, we asked about the new Paignton House building. We were told it's not closed in the winter at all - it's the outdoor pool, hotub and poolside grill that's seasonal.

Notwithstanding the developers financial problems, the resort itself was quite busy when we were there and seems to be a roaring success.

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