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Originally Posted by Springtime9 View Post
Hi - I'm new and think I've tried to send two questions as "new threads" because after reviewing current posts, I didn't see that anyone had answer my question.
What do you mean that no one answered your thread/post?

From your posting history, I am seeing you started one thread and made one post in another thread. Both threads have replies: (6 replies so far) (8 more posts after yours)

If you don't think your questions had been fully addressed in each of the threads, you should make followup post/s to clarify so folks can better answer you in say threads.

You made 3 posts so far, right? Since I have no problem finding your thread/post, I believe you know how to start threads or make posts. Just make sure you post in the right forum/fora.

Or are you having trouble finding your own posts/thread? You can left-click your own FT handle, from the drop-down menu click "find more post by XX". That will bring up all the posts/threads you make on FT.

Welcome to FT!
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