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Originally Posted by thorthor View Post
I suppose it all hinges on the interpretation of the $400 credit. If it is lenient (I can use it to buy a flight for more then $400, I can use it to buy a flight for two people together at one time, I can stack two or more awards, etc.) then it is a great deal, even with the $69 fee. In fact I would go so far as to call it the best travel cc out there.
I'm guessing that because they distinguish between the "free flight up to $400" and a "credit of $100" there is a difference and the $400 can only be used for a single purchase of $400 or less. But I still don't understand how it would actually work in practice.

This is the page that links to the credit card offer on TL:

if you look hard enough, you'll see two pop up links with different reward charts on that same page. Very confusing...
That seems to be an older offer from. In addition to having two conflicting reward schemes (one of which has information "as of August 2006"), it links to https://www.travelocitymastercard.com/ not to http://www.mytravelocitycard.com/, and the "apply" button doesn't work (it says the offer is no longer available). It also makes no mention of the annual fee version of the card and talks about triple points for Travelocity packages, which aren't mentioned on mytravelocitycard.com.

I suspect that the scale with the $800 for 40,000 point redemptions is from the 2006 offer and not current any more. But it sure as hell is confusing!
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