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Originally Posted by thorthor View Post
There are some conflicting reports as to the reward levels:
- can you redeem 40,000 points for $800 credit?
That's not in the T&Cs posted directly on mytravelocitycard.com or any page linked from it, but comes from another unlinked page HCA found by googling, so it's not clear if that really exists or not (it could be from an older program, or it could be a draft that wasn't intended to be made public). Or it could simply be further details that they're omitting from the initial disclosures. Who knows?

- at the $400 level can you buy a flight/ flight and hotel for more than $400 and be reimbursed the $400 on that transaction? If so it should be fairly easy to hit.
It's unclear. The language of the official T&Cs linked from mytravelocitycard.com distinguishes between redeeming 5,000/7,500 points for a $50/$100 "statement credit" and redeeming 20,000 points for "the cost of an airline ticket or Flight + Hotel Package up to a maximum credit of $400."

-I believe that the $100 credit is not in the form of cash that you get in your account, but that it is credit towards use on TL.
You are more correct than I was. I read "statement credit" and assumed it meant it was just a general statement credit on your credit card bill. But the T&Cs clarify that it's a statement credit "when [you] purchase travel, services and products on Travelocity.com" and that "[s]tatement credits will be reported on your monthly Account statement for the billing cycle in which your Travelocity purchase is posted."

So it IS a statement credit, but it can only offset Travelocity purchases, not other purchases. Supposedly. I wonder how they enforce that?
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