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Originally Posted by themicah View Post
7500 points gets you a $100 statement credit, which is effectively 2.6% cash back. Not bad as long as you spent enough to regularly hit that 7500 point threshold. If you actually use Travelocity a lot, it's even better (5.2% cash back on those purchases).

But 20,000 points doesn't get you a $400 credit, it gets you one free plane ticket or flight/hotel package UP TO $400, which is a big difference. It's still probably possible to get >3% cash back equivalent value using that, but it'll be a challenge to really hit 4%. And keep in mind the $69 annual fee and the issue of having "stub" points if you don't regularly get to 20k.
There are some conflicting reports as to the reward levels:
- can you redeem 40,000 points for $800 credit?
- at the $400 level can you buy a flight/ flight and hotel for more than $400 and be reimbursed the $400 on that transaction? If so it should be fairly easy to hit.
-I believe that the $100 credit is not in the form of cash that you get in your account, but that it is credit towards use on TL.
- You can also redeem 5000 points for $50 - that is effectively 2% credit.
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