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Pepper crab

I really enjoy pepper crab. It has become traditional to eat it whenever I am in Singapore. My husband and I normally go to No Signboard on Geyland. For this trip, Jan and I decided we wanted to stick closer to the Conrad, in large part because of our brief stay and our very early morning return to the States.

A new FTer, TowTruckDriver, has just returned to Singapore after finishing grad school in the States. He very graciously took us in hand, and booked Palm Beach near the Merlion at One Fullerton where he had a discount coupon. This was a lovely location, with indoor and outdoor dining. There are lots of comfy places along the water where you can sit and have a coffee and enjoy the view.

TowTruckDriver is up to date on new Singapore food trends, and told us about golden crab. This is crab covered in salted egg. We had newcomers to Singapore who wanted to try the traditional curry crab. I no longer enjoy it; it is too wet and messy for me. I really enjoy white or black pepper crab, so we ordered one of those. And we tried the new trend, yellow crab. TowTruckDriver posted pictures and costs here. We had three big crabs for seven of us, which was ideal. We each got as much as we wanted, and got to try each variety. Golden crab was blander than pepper crab. I like the punch of pepper crab, but it was fun to try a new style.

As for our lunch, it was my intent to eat at Din Tai Fung, in the basement of the Paragon Shopping Centre. Their speciality is yummy handmade dumplings. We schlep over there, and discover it closed for renovation. Back at the Conrad, we're told there is a Din Tai Fung outlet within walking distance. Now we know.

All my UA flights have posted. It was a great way to earn 36K EQM, flying biz the entire route except for the little commuter plane between SAN and LAX.

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