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We went to Kenkos Fish Spa and Reflexology, which is an easy walk from the Conrad, beyond the Pan Pacific Hotel. The fish spa has tanks that line the windows. If you sit there, you are a living advertisement for everyone who walks by. There is also a large tank in the room. I would guess that 60 plus people could be using the fish tanks at a time. These are not my pictures, but this is what it looked like:

fish tanks

fish around feet

If you stay at Starwoods in Asia, the TV clip they run advertising the Asian Starwood hotels shows a segment on the Kenko fish spa in Kuala Lumpur. It is in the shopping center immediately across the street from the Sheraton Kuala Lumpur.

The spa costs 20SGD for 15 minutes or 38SGD for 1/2 hour. We bought a package for 78SGD that including a half hour of fish spa and 1 hour of foot/shoulder/hand reflexology.

It was really weird to look at the fish swarming our feet. The little ones came right up to the water line on my legs. They would nibble right between our toes, a bit ticklish. I got used to the feel within a few seconds. I had high hopes of great exfoliation, but really saw no difference in before and after. At the equivalence of $25 US for a half hour, I wouldn't bother with this again.

On the other hand, I highly endorse Kenkos for its reflexology. It was superb. I could use them again today after 18K miles of flying in 4 days.

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