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Figuring taxi fare is easy

just use

Estimated Fare using meter at 01:14

Start: Changi Airport Destination: 2 Temasek Road (Conrad's Address)

Distance: 17.74 km. | Duration: 17 min.

first km S$2.80
10.0 km. x S$0.52 per km S$5.19
6.74 km. x S$0.61 per km S$4.09
waiting in traffic (~4 min.) S$1.07
midnight surcharge S$6.57
Changi Airport & Changi Air Freight Centre S$3.00
Total S$22.72
on a Sunday or Public Holiday it would be S$16.15

Your problem with the fish was that in safe and sane Singapore there is a regulation requiring all feet cleaning fish to wear a retainer

Indonesian fish on Batam don't have to abide by this regulation.
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