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IMO A Shame

Still using Search feature to get thoughts of other Medallions on CO leaving SkyTeam. For me, based on my experience this past week, losing CO is unfortunate. Had the occasion to fly SFO-IAH-ATL and was definitely impressed with their operation.

I noted :

- Clean/new aircraft (737-9 SFO-IAH, in fact, Captain made specific mention that this ship was a very recent part of a request to keep the aircraft clean, and especially, no sockless feet on bulkhead (thank you!)
- A premium on communication to pax (customers)
- Professional crew
- Liked first time having to connect (C > E), was a bit of a walk, however, E appeared to be a relatively new facility. Shopping/food was plentiful ( Pappadeaux's and Auntie Anne's)

Surely IAH was no picnic the prior week during the inclement weather (torrential rain/flood), and obviously suffers through similar summer wx issues as ATL. Also, like ATL, there was quite a conga line of departures at 7P, however, the parallel runways (15/33) are really close which would seem to preclude simultaneous departures.

The flights (Friday) have already posted to SM which is impressive, but, that leads me to the one major issue...50% EQM based upon fare basis. Although I knew that, really striking when you see it in print ). If DL goes to that model...could be a non-starter for many, and a cause for concern.

All in all, CO continuing in SkyTeam would be an asset...YMMV
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