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Used to fly with Dan Air loads in the 1980s to Spain with my parents.

Started out on the Comets (which were weird and had some seats facing each other like to get on trains). The comets were noisey and slow but had a certain kind of grace.

Then they switched to 727s and BAC 1-11s and we went to Menorca on these every year. On year we went at Christmas and the pilot was a lady called Yvonne Sintes - I am pretty sure she was the first ever lady pilot in the UK.

Once had a 30 hour delay when a BAC 1-11 went tech and they had to fly parts out to repair it.

Flew back from Menorca in a 727 registration G-BDAN which then went on to crash in Tenerife a few days later - scary.

One of the comets I flew in is at East Fortune museum.
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