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Cancelled Flight - Less Segments/Miles?

I've been reading this board for about a year now since I first reached premier status. I've searched for an answer to this question, and found similar issues, but not quite the same.

I had a flight booked for PHL -> ORD -> MSP in June. I have a wedding on the day, so I had to get there as early as possible. Had a flight leaving PHL @ 7 AM and arriving at MSP at 10:30 AM (need to be at the hotel by noon). Today I noticed (coincidentally - United has yet to inform me) that the ORD->MSP flight was canceled and they have re-booked me on a later flight. There is an earlier flight that leaves at 6 AM and gets in at 9:30 AM which I'm going to try to have them switch me to.

Here's my question. The original routing was 2 separate segments, with separate mileage accumulation for both. The new flight (6 AM) is one flight number that has a plane change in ORD but it looks like I'll only get 1 segment out of it and only the miles as if it was a direct PHL -> MSP flight (this is the only flight of the day for PHL->MSP routing that has the same flight number, but i need to get in as early as possible).

Is there any way to get United to give me 2 segments for this? (I could care less about the 200 miles I lose out of it).

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