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Originally Posted by NK_Flyer View Post
That certainly is not a company announcement!! Nor is it acceptable, and yes I have heard that announcement myself, I have NEVER made that annnouncement and i NEVER will. I'm going to look up and see who that crew was HAHA. I have worked here for several years and it was never in our announcements to say that. However it seems that some very senior F/As have said that in their announcements, possible it "USED" to be an announcement years ago, but it is no longer

The not answering the call button is simply unacceptable. We are trained that we need to answer a call bell immediately because it could be a medical emergency

Im sorry you've had some crappy F/As on your flights.....that crap wouldnt fly on my flights!!!
That's reassuring to hear from you, NK_Flyer! I hope NK will give GSP some serious consideration as a destination, or origin for some leisure routes. I know they got burned at CAE, but GSP is a completely different animal. We still have a robust local economy, and are a rapidly growing metro area. We also have some of the highest airfares in the country, so any LCC who entered this market would realize fantastic results, I'm sure!
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