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Originally Posted by demue View Post
I'm planning on flying in to LAX on TG794 from BKK which arrives at 19:20 (7:20pm) on a Friday evening and I was contemplating catching a UA flight to SFO at 22:45 (10:45pm). Given the fun at immigration in LAX with huge lines does anyone have experience clearing LAX passport & customs at that time and whether it reasonable to try to make that connection or should I go for a flight the next morning to be safe? Thanks.
A lot of international flights come in at that time so it is hard to say. I would buy a refundable ticket on UA for that night and if you don't make the connection then cancel it and go in the morning.

My one word of advice...when the door opens on the plane...run...run as fast as you can to immigration. You may look stupid but I swear I have ended up way ahead of thousands because I did that. I usually end up in a line of 200 and shortly after there are 1,000 people behind me.
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