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Originally Posted by perthite
I've had this happen when checking OLCI for a better seat assignment, and each time I look there is a different config of the plane.
What happened to me on said flight was I checked in and scored a bulkhead seat 23A. However, when the flight was swtiched to a Dreamtime B763, my orginial seat assignment is gone (Dreamtime B763 does not have seat 23A) and I was instead allocated an emergency exit row window seat. So it worked out well at the end.

Originally Posted by bugayev View Post
Is there a bulk way to see the assigned aircraft type for a given day, excepting amadeus or other booking systems?

I'm due to fly MEL - SYD on the 2nd and then SYD - MEL on the 4th, and would love to get myself a taste of skybed if i can
Alas, I guess one would need to have access to QF's internal systems to find out the assigned aircraft type for your flight.

As for your second question, the chance to sample Skybeds on short hops such as SYD-MEL has greatly diminished since QF has discontinued most domestic legs of international flights (e.g. QF 136 which operated NRT-SYD-MEL or QF73/74 to/from SFO via SYD) . Having said that, the best way to find out is to check QF's online timetable. Have fun searching
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