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Originally Posted by koksy View Post
Glad i'm not the only one to notice that! All this branding it as "the downturn" with a snazzy logo is really tacky and imported from our American friends it seems. As you say it doesnt help. No disrespect to anybody who has actually lost their jobs on here, but I don't personally like being told that I don't have any money and I should be staying at home watching TV rather than flying in an empty CE cabin!


Well our company is as busy as ever, even more so with orders from customer in Europe, N.America and Middle East.

Yesterday I was on my way to drop my daughter off to see "High School Musical 3", was the place empty, nope its showing at two screens everyhour and near enough sell out crowds.

Was the shopping centre empty? Nope from the motorway to the actual shopping Centre (Brahead near Glasgow) the traffic was at a standstill due to the sheer amount of folk heading to the centre.

At my local centre Silverburn, the traffic was right back up onto the motorway junction and there was limited spaces left for parking (they have around 3000 spaces).

Yes there are issues but like folk have said the media seem to make it sound even worse.

Now maybe we can get our house extension to the house built at a decent price after all the builders telling me it would be a 2 year wait.

On the flights side of things, well we are still flying places and dont see any downturn in that. Its going to be interesting as long as folk dont panic and thats the problem.
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