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Originally Posted by LastSurvivor View Post
As promised I walked the 75 feet to my "Southern Co." office to pay my power bill. The lady behind the counter pointed out that she was going to need to count my rolled dollar coins or 3 rolls. I said up to you I've got plenty of time. At that point she walked out into her managers office I assume and came back and did not count the coins. I guess this was a way of discouraging me from using the coins. She then stated she would take them this time but in the future I would need to pay with cash. HUH? I asked just what she thought dollar coins from the U.S. mint might be if not legal U.S. currency? She shrugged her shoulders realizing that I was not going to buckle quite so easy. She then complained that she would not be able to drop them off in the night deposit but would have to walk 50 feet and cross the street to deposit them at the local bank. Still undecided if I will pay in this manner next time as the bull$hit might not be worth it. I did deposit half of my first shipment at my local WaMu branch with NO problem. The teller simply stated that they just sell them to other customers. Said they do it all the time.

Lots of people won't be paying utility bills this winter.

Maybe they'll stop complaining about what form the payment arrives in, as this economy tanks, they'll eventually be ecstatic that you are able to pay AT ALL. As a test, keep taking coins in and see if by Spring they are just plain happy to see you.
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