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Thumbs up THumbs Up for the T5B Lounge

Wow! Night and day compared to the F Lounge at T5...

Currently transiting from LHR to HAM arriving from YYZ. Went to the F Lounge and it was a total zoo:
1) Ask for a shower, and was told the wait would be 40-50mins - and the watiing list was around 45 people
2) Tried booking a massage, and was told the first available massage would be in 3 hours
3) Went to the magazine rack to get either the Financial Times or the Herald Tribune, and none was available. Asked the lady who was collecting the newspapers, and she said there are none left.
4) Went to the washroom to pee, and every one of the rooms was booked.. Why don't they just have urinal stalls (it would save lots of room).

So in purely frustration, I decided to head over to the T5B Gallery Lounge.. what a great place...
a) Very peaceful.. and not a lot of people in the lounge
b) Asked for a shower and was given one right away.. There seemed to be no one using the showers (They only have 4 showers)
c) The showers and toilets do not use the suction system, and so there is no loud sunction/burping sound... and... the room temperature was perfect (and not steaming).
d) Asked for a massage, and was given immediately
e) Went to the newspaper stand in the lounge, and was able to pick up both the Herald Tribune and the Financial Times.

Now it was a bit of a treck to the T5B Lounge, but it was well worth it...

Only potential problem is that I am betting that my flight leaves from T5B, otherwise, I will need to go through security again to get back to the main terminal.
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