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You will rack up points with Hilton. Marriott still has some catching up to do. Being HH Diamond & MR Plat I will give you some insight.

Hilton is basically a 100% Bonus- If you set you prefrences that was.
Marriott is 30% point bonus.

Hilton will ALWAYS offer you and a companion free breakfast. Whether it's a reward stay or paid stay.

Marriott will only offer free breakfast at FS hotels, weekdays only. Marriott will not give your companion free breakfast. Marriott does not honor free breakfast at any hotel with 'RESORT' in their name. That really sucks.

When I stay at FS Hiltons, either on paid stay or reward, I get upgraded just about every time. When I stay at a Hilton resort, it's 95% upgrade success, and they will give out the suites too!

Marriott will sometimes give you a suite, but it states suites are not included.

I think overall Hilton treats me better than MR, it's easier to maintain status with HH. MR requires 75 nights / yr for plat.

MR does have more (and nicer) FS resorts. The no free breakfast at CY & 'RESORTS' is what really burns me about MR.
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