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Originally Posted by AW73 View Post
Hi all,

I am flying on BA777 Nov 9 from LGW-BGI in CW, can anybody please tell me what will be on the menu for this flight and how the loadings are looking. Will try to avoid rows 12 and 15 due to lack of window space, would like 2 seats in rows 10 or 11 but these might already be occupied by gold / silver card holders if so any other good seats (don`t like row 15 can be a little load ie babies on other side of galley).

Can't do the Menu for you but the availability is currently showing

F2 A1 J9 C9 D9 R6 I4 W9 E9 T9 Y9 B9 H9 K9 M9 L9 V9 S9 N9 Q9 O0 G0

At the moment only 10GJK, 12B, 13AB are occupied and 11K and 15BEK are blocked.

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