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Originally Posted by twoner32 View Post
I've done a lot of reading on this post - However, not all 57 pages. A couple of quick questions:

A. How many can a person order or each President?

B. How long does it really take? I just ordered my first one about a week ago

C. Do they all require someone to sign for them / can I have them sent to my work?

D. What's the most anyone has ordered?

A. Only two boex ($500 worth) can be ordered per president/per address

B. My first order took about three weeks, however I did request registered mail service which does take longer

C. I've been following this thread and have read some posts indicating Fedex DID have then sign and other when Fedex didn't. I would recommend requesting registered mail (no additional charge) Simply place your order on the website then call in with your order number and request it. Please do keep in mind that if you select this option you can't track it as the tracking number provided only works when the item makes it to your local post office. This is by far the safest way and carrys no risk as it is fully insured.

D. I have ordered 2 of each: Jackson, Madison, Monroe, JQA, and Adams. I also have an order in progress now with Jefferson and Washington.

The coins are great for traveling and spending at places that dont accept CCs. I took $65 worth into the DMV last week to renew my plates. The best part was the conversation I had with the manager and arguing about CC fees. Anyway, they're very useful and I plan to order the Van Buren in November
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