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Originally Posted by Meg33 View Post
I assumed I would be coming into 2E, but on the Continental website it tells me that they come into 2A. It looks like the terminal for AF to Toulouse is
2F, while on my return trip from MRS, I think I come into 2D. So, my first question is how to get from 2A to 2F. On the return, how to get from 2D to 2F. Thanks for your help.
From 2A to 2E:
You have two options, either take the bus that goes around the terminals or walk. It can get rather busy at the bus stop in the mornings, but you have plenty of time to connect.

For the return:
I presume that you mean from 2D to 2A as you are going back on CO again. For this one, I would say walk. The distance between the two terminals is not enormous, and it will save you the bus waits.


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