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Originally Posted by baccarat_king View Post
If departing from BOS (I'm assuming this, bostontraveler )

I've found the late evening flight from BOS-AMS is quite nice with regard to connections to Asia (and allows you to avoid early morning flights from BOS, and one less connection (i.e. no DTW AND NRT).

Recently, I booked BOS-AMS-PVG. IIRC, The pricing for J was actually a "bit less" than the standard westbound flights (BOS-DTW-NRT-PVG).

For example, with regard to HKG :
KL (NW) 6060 BOS-AMS 09/21/08 9:55 PM arrives 09/22/08 11:00 AM
KL 887 AMS-HKG 09/22/08 3:20 PM arrives 09/23/08 8:30 AM

IMO, connecting in AMS offers some of the best alternatives from BOS to Asia [if your desire is ONLY 1 connection, and to stay with SkyTeam NW/KLM] , now that there is the second daily (late) BOS-AMS flight that reduces the connection time in AMS.

I have to agree here. I just booked my second east-bound HKG trip and I did like the first one I took earlier this year. I like the timing of getting into HKG in the morning vs 10pm. The only thing I would say is the pricing in J is pretty good but if you are looking at going in Y ...not so much. I tried to book a colleage to travel on my flights in Y and it was 2X the price of going west.
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