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“Share” Your Car With A Friend, Earn 30,000 Southwest Points

Southwest Airlines flyers can now earn bonus points for every rental through peer marketplace Turo. Under a new promotional agreement, flyers can earn up to 30,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points with their rental through the platform.

Southwest Airlines flyers now have a new rental car partner – but it doesn’t involve a rental desk, selecting a car from a lot, or earning points towards another rental. Instead, flyers rent their cars from another person offering their cars on the Turo platform.

Announced earlier this week, Turo and Southwest Airlines are working together to offer promotional miles to car renters. Flyers can earn up to 30,000 additional Rapid Rewards points on every Turo rental. All flyers need to do is enter their Southwest Rapid Rewards number when they make their bookings.

Turo is described as “the world’s largest car sharing marketplace.” Individuals list their cars available for rent, where they are selected by those who need them. Those listing their cars have the opportunity to decide who rents their cars, for how long and at what price – while those renting only need to decide where and when to meet their next car rental.

According to the website, flyers can earn 2,000 Rapid Rewards points after completing their first $50 minimum trip with Turo, followed by 500 Rapid Rewards points for every $50 minimum trip afterwards. Those who want to list their cars on the marketplace can also earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points as well. Hosts who list their cars and complete their first $50 minimum rental can earn 10,000 Rapid Rewards points for their first trip.

FlyerTalkers who have used Turo in the past give it a good review, as forum member ginmqui writes: “Turo gives access to sporty cars that otherwise would not be possible with the big box rental companies.” However, credit card travel insurance will not cover Turo rentals, as FlyerTalkers have found out with calls to their credit card company.


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RandyN July 25, 2019

First, read the horror stories of people who've used peer-to-peer car rental: The damage, the smoke, the mess, the empty gas tanks, the cleaning fees.... And just last weekend a 21-year-old rented a Tesla in San Francisco though the Getaround peer-to-peer, sped through a red light at 45 mph, hit several cars and killed a pedestrian in a crosswalk. I truly hope Getaround and the dope who tried to make his Tesla payment by renting it to strangers get sued out of existence.