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Willie Walsh Reveals His Retirement Plans

IAG CEO Willie Walsh has announced that he is planning to retire within the next two years. The news comes right as British Airways (BA), which is owned by IAG, revealed heavy losses in the face of strike action by its pilots. Walsh acknowledged pilots’ woes, but said the “pay offer was generous”.

Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group (IAG), has publicly announced that he’ll be retiring within the next two years, The Evening Standard reports. The announcement comes just British Airways (BA), which is owned by IAG, revealed that it had lost £118 ($153) million during the third fiscal quarter due to strikes by its pilots.

IAG’s full results for the quarter are available here.

Speaking of the strikes, he was quoted by the outlet as saying, “I’m a mature adult… there were some genuine issues that have upset and angered pilots, but I think the 11.5 percent pay offer was generous. Talking to pilots, which I do a lot of given the number of flights I take, I don’t think the strike is just about pay.”

Commenting on operations at London Heathrow Airport, Walsh said that the facility was “badly run” and that those who manage the site are “out of touch with the reality of the airline business. I don’t have any confidence in their ability to expand the airport in an efficient manner.”

Speaking of ending his long tenure, he added, “I’m 58 and I will not be in this job when I’m 60. I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and I’m much closer to retirement now than I was a year ago.”

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