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JetBlue Airways

Why Jetblue Mint Is My Favorite Choice for Domestic Business Class Flights

Why Jetblue Mint Is My Favorite Choice for Domestic Business Class Flights
Adam Luehrs

How can you squeeze the most out of a domestic business-class flight? Make sure you aren’t chasing the wrong airline. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you’re doing just that if you aren’t using JetBlue Mint. It turns out that Mint is actually the gem that far too few business-class travelers are utilizing but some are raving about. Let’s break down the key reasons why Mint is a refreshing addition to the airline world.

Wi-Fi and Entertainment 

Isn’t Wi-Fi on the mind of every business-class traveler? The good news is that all of JetBlue’s A321 planes already have that famous JetBlue Fly-Fi technology. In fact, you’re getting gate-to-gate free Wi-Fi on your Mint ticket. Most travelers will find Fly-Fi speeds smooth enough if they are simply checking emails or getting some work done. What about if you’re not interested in getting work done at all during a flight? Mint has you covered if the goal is to unwind. Now’s a great time to mention Mint’s 15-inch seatback entertainment screens! These screens connect you with a personal world of movies, television shows and live DIRECTV. There’s even Sirius XM radio for those hoping to give their eyes some rest. Mint seats are basically transformed into personal theaters with help from those famous handcrafted Grado Labs SR60e headphones you may have heard about.

Suites That Close

There are few upgrades that business travelers are really happy about paying for when booking tickets. However, almost everyone would agree that some extra privacy is more than worth the cost of throwing a few extra dollars at a ticket. Mint actually offers a collection of suites in the front cabin that feature doors that shut you out from the aisle! The big bonus is that these coveted seats don’t actually cost more than the rest of JetBlue’s Mint seats. You just have to be smart enough to book really early if you want a closed-in seat. The closed-in seats are also very spacious. You’re looking at a 60-inch pitch with 22 inches of width. Features like mood lighting and a do-not-disturb button really bring it all together! The truth is that you aren’t going to be doing too shabby even if you get “stuck” with a traditional Mint seat. Mint seats pamper guests with lie-flat capabilities that provide tons of space!

Food You Can Find at a Trendy Cafe

Mint’s menu comes straight out of the trendy Brooklyn food scene. In fact, a huge commitment has gone into sourcing ingredients and products from small businesses that deliver local flair. There’s even a seasonal twist that makes everything taste like it’s all fresh and in season. The espresso-based drinks that fuel passengers are provided by Brooklyn Roasting Company. JetBlue has even brought in cookies and snacks from Milk Bar. You can also opt for some gourmet ice cream when the sweet tooth hits during your journey. Mint offers feel-good foods you can feel good about! That’s because 100 percent of the eggs that are used in Mint meals are sourced from cage-free farms.

Mint offers a nice menu of house cocktails that feel like they’re straight out of a hip Brooklyn speakeasy. The full drink menu features craft beer, artisan wines and hard liquor. You can also order up plenty of alcohol-free drinks that happen to be pretty refreshing.

Amenity Kits

Mint passengers walk away with a really sharp-looking Hayward & Hopper amenity kit. JetBlue has tailored its kits to offer some practical pieces that will help you get through the flight. The bag itself is attractive enough to tuck away for future travels.

Flying With Mint Is Fun and Predictable

The nicest thing of all about Mint might just be that you know what you’re getting. The Mint product was launched with the promise of offering fares that start at just $599. There’s no denying that a starting price of $599 is higher than what most people are thinking of when they book “budget” seats. However, you really aren’t getting a “budget” product at all when you fly Mint. You’re actually getting something that is comparable to what legacy carriers like Delta and United price at $1,000 or more. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to see JetBlue run specials offering Mint seats for just $299 or $399. That means that jumping on a deal is the perfect excuse for anyone wanting to get a taste of Mint! You may even be able to find some awesome redemption rates for points. The only downside is that you can only catch Mint flights out of Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale for now. Though, the airline offers Mint on flights to the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

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  1. diver858

    January 17, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Wow – how much did JetBlue pay to have this puff piece published?

    I took Mint ONCE – Redeye SAN-BOS. Found seat to be extremely uncomfortable for a 6’2″ tall person, unable to sleep. Due to the late hour, I asked for some kind of healthy snack rather than a full meal before going to sleep, was given a lame apple, wrapped in plastic (!?!).

  2. snidely

    January 17, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Even those of us in cheap seats get free wifi.

  3. snidely

    January 17, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Almost always take redeye SFO-FLL. I don’t need dinner at nearly midnite.

  4. Dr.Ells

    January 18, 2020 at 1:02 am

    You probably could not pay me to take that crap airline. Shame on the “author,” who does not understand unbiased reporting.
    As someone wrote on another post — behavior like that is why the human race is headed toward extinction!

  5. BlaiseBOS

    January 18, 2020 at 5:39 am

    Um, “nice menu of house cocktails”? Never saw these and I’m a Mosaic who flies Mint whenever available. As for the food, the number of choices on the menu from Saxon + Parole (that “trendy” cafe” stuff) has decreased by a third. The food presentation is gimmicky and ranges from quite tasty to dreadful. This is not a knowledgeable or insightful review–it’s just stuff grabbed from JetBlue content and gushed about here: “Now’s a great time to mention Mint’s 15-inch seatback entertainment screens!” Lastly, it’s false to state that “it’s not uncommon to see JetBlue run specials offering Mint seats for $299 or $399.” It’s extremely rare, in fact.

  6. hfb606

    January 19, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Mint isn’t worth a damn if the airline doesn’t have Mint service or even flights to the airports I need. The Jet Blue bean counters have ruined this airline. Stop trying to put lipstick on this pig…


    January 20, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Mint seats for $299 or$399? Where? Certainly never to any destination nor at any time that I fly

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